Not Your Average Downtown is a casual collection of reviews of NYC’s most groundbreaking, exciting, culturally aware, fun, bizarre, well-crafted downtown theatre.

New York City’s hippest neighborhoods are full of performance venues, many of which open the curtain on off-Broadway, off-off-Broadway, nonequity, student, postgraduate, and god knows what other types of live theatrical performance. Several publications may claim to be trustworthy resources of quality ‘downtown’ theatre (Time Out, the Voice, even the Times), but what for those who want something else? Something off-the-beaten-marketing-track, perhaps, something a little less bourgeois, or maybe something so new the papers haven’t even discovered it yet?

Not Your Average Downtown promises to connect you to theatre that you won’t just suffer through.

Sometimes a media designer makes a show. Or a writer does, or a lead actor. So, each publication in this blog will not only introduce you to an original, exceptional production outside of New York’s Times Square theatre district, but will also feature the particular artists who take their productions from great to extraordinary.

Leave behind the mediocre, old-school acting and the self-involved faux intelligence. Discover instead some of New York City’s most incredible lesser-known theatre and performance artists.

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